A visit to paradise: Valley of Flowers Trek

A visit to paradise: Valley of Flowers Trek

A natural wonder and a breathtaking place, the valley of flowers is a very famous place known for its beauty around the world. Valley of flowers trek difficulty level is also easy; hence most people can go on this trek.

Valley of flower Trek is like a fairy tale land busting with beautiful, lively and vibrant coloured flowers. It is popular due to its largest collection of wild flora species. Go for this Valley of flower trek simply for the beautiful sight that it offers. The Valley is open only in the summer between June and October and remains snow-cladding the rest of the winter months. Unlike the other treks, it is best done during monsoon season (July to mid-September) as the flowers are in full bloom this time of the year.Reading this Valley of flowers trek blog will give you a fair idea of what you can expect from this trek.

Valley of Flowers has some of the most enchanting Himalayan flora including the famous Brahma Kamal, blue poppy, and cobra lily.

It is abode to a large number of rare indigenous species of animals. These include the Asiatic Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Brown bear, Musk deer, Blue Sheep, Red Fox, Common Langur, Bharal, Mouse Hare, Brown Bear, Serow, and Tahretc. There are also a very wide variety of butterflies that can be seen here.

The monsoons sure make the trek difficult for the trekkers but the beauty of the flowers make all the hassle worth it. The most popular trek path is the one from Govindghat to Ghangria via Hemkund Sahib where one gets the chance to explore Joshimath and the entire Flowers Park. There’s a little settlement about 3 km from the valley known as Ghangharia which serves as the resting place for the trekkers coming to the Valley.

Valley of Flowers is the most happening trekking destination for the adventure lovers. There are various trekking activities one can indulge in like short walks to rock climbing to mountaineering and more. Valley of flower has got all the ingredients to be called the best trekking destination in across Himalayas. The popularity of this sport can be gauged from the fact that a large number of tours for Trekking in Uttarakhand being organized and tourists from all corners of the globe to visit this place.

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