Roopkund Trek, Roopkund Lake Trek Uttarakhand – Trek The Himalayas

Roopkund Trek, Roopkund Lake Trek Uttarakhand – Trek The Himalayas

At some point of time, everyone is fed up with the daily hullabaloo of the life. Following the same routine again and again not only makes the person mentally exhausted but also depletes his interest from work. So, recreational activity is an imperative element to lead a happy life, and one such activity is trekking. Trekking gives you the opportunity to spend some time with nature. You forgot all your anxieties and problems in the serene atmosphere of far off places. Desolated places that are surrounded by high mountains, dense forests, and sparkling rivers make the person rest, and one such place for trekking that attracts the trekkers from all over the world is Roopkund trek.

If you want to experience the real Himalayan beauty, then Roopkund Trek is the perfect trek that also instigates you into high altitude treks.

Roopkund Trek begins from Lohajung with the height of 3200 meters, where you find narrow, curvy roads with a good view of surrounding. The journey to Didna village is a difficult climb that makes the trekkers tired but the beautiful mixed forest offers you great experience of nature. The next destination will be Ali Bugyal that includes the most seductive views of the scenery. Ghora Latoni is located on the straight line, 3 km far from Ali Bugyal, is the marvelous place for campsite. Bhagwabasa is a zig-zag trek that will take you up the mountain. Roopkund is a 5 km steadily ascending climb from Bhagwabasa. Roopkund trekking offers you the most inspirational experience of trekking that alleviates your body and soul. You can return by reversing your trek.

The moments spent with nature will eradicate all the stuffiness from your mind and will revitalize you to lead a life with an improved approach.

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