A Brief Guide To The Famous Roopkund Trek

A Brief Guide To The Famous Roopkund Trek

The mountains of Uttarakhand are quite famous for different trekking expeditions. Among the different treks popular in India, Roopkund Trek is the most popular one. Situated at the height of 16, 500 feet, Roopkund attracts the adventure seekers and nature lovers since a long time. A mystery surrounds the lake with several human skeletons lying at the bottom of the lake. When the water is not frozen, these are easily visible. People from all over the world get involved in this Uttarakhand Trek because it is a great way to de-stress themselves. It is the best way to experience the real beauty of the Himalayas.

This trek is like a roller coaster which cuts across different villages and dense forests to reach and discover the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas. You will not have difficulty in finding a reasonable Roopkund Trek Package, which will help you plan the entire trek. Check out the different Roopkund packages at Trek the Himalayas and soak yourself in the beauty of this mysterious lake.

However, make sure that you are physically fit to undertake the trek because of the high deal of intensity involved in the entire journey.

People mainly use two routes for this Trekking in Uttarakhand. The first route begins at Didna while the second begins at Lohajung. Regardless the route you choose, you will get plenty of help from the locals as well as the TTH guides which will make your adventure experience breathtakingly beautiful.  Though there are some steep climbs, yet if you are under a guided tour, the overall experience will be fun filled and amazing.

The beautiful and unique landscapes makes it a sought after trek in India. Many people have trouble deciding Roopkund Trek best time to visit. Well, the best time is from May to June right before the monsoons or from August to October after the monsoon. At different times, you can experience different beauties that will simply blow your mind.

The view of the Roopkund Lake and the entire trek in itself will offer you one of the most inspirational experiences. The moments you spend with nature will revitalize your mind and body. The perfect blend of mystery and adventure amidst the Himalayan peaks will make it one of the most memorable Trekking experiences of your life. Therefore, do not miss out the opportunity to witness the hidden treasures that lies under the beautiful snow cover. The overall experience will be thrilling like never before.

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