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Goechala Trek

Goechala Trek

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(NJP to NJP)
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Region :- Sikkim
Duration :- 11 Days
Grade :- Moderate To Difficult
Max Altitude :- 16,200 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 90 Kms.

The Goechala trek starts from Yuksom, having fairly superb views. The trek continuous from Yuksom to Dzongri and over done to Goechala. The culture of Sikkim is seen there because earlier it was the capital of Sikkim. While trekking in Sikkim it gives a close scenic view of Himalayan giants in the mountain ranges. The influential Kanchenjunga has an unexpressed majestic view which delights the trekkers from hustle bustle life of city. Yuksom is an old hill station but acts as a beautiful gateway towards trek.

This trek gives a beautiful alpine panorama and historic resolution of Yuksom at 1780 m high through rhododendron forests. The neighboring peaks and outstanding view points of Kanchenjunga delight the trekkers. The most admired trekking path in West Sikkim province is the Goechala trek and it is also known as Kanchenjunga Trek (third highest peak of the world). Dzongri Top, Goechala and Tiger Hills are some of the essential spots to be viewed while trekking.

This is a moderate level trek of 11 days and preferred even for first time trekkers. The trekking starts from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) which is about 150 km from Yuksom hill station. Travelling from Yuksom 5,600 ft to Sachen 7,150 ft. and further moving from to Tshokha 9,700 ft via Bhakim at a height of 8,600 ft brings the persuade to the township of Tshoka. Reaching to Dzongri 12,980 ft via Phedang 12,000 ft high is the end point to the climb destinations. While trekking down from Kokchurang to Prekchu cool breeze of the river gives a striking view of icy blue water. While trekking on the way to Rhododendron forest trekkers are attracted by lively jungle flowers, small beautiful birds and dense oak forest. The trekking in Sikkim drops down to the waterway to Thangsing all of sudden and finally stop at Lamuney 13,600 ft to Goecha La 16,000 f) via Samiti Lake 14,100 ft, then back to Thansing. Thin follow on the edge of the mountain, massive snow walls are greater delight. Zemathang is a climb of about one and half hour which is enclose like a sand bed with snow and gravel. Green vegetation, lush heavy grasslands, follows an incredible view to trekkers. The amazing trekking adventure ends up from Tshokha via Phedang to Yuksom via Bhakim and Sachen which is the best picturesque route in West Sikkim and Kyangla ridge is the charm experience for trekkers

So, stock unto an interesting trek to north east Goechala and plan to the wonderful climbs which defines the inner soul and enjoy the picturesque moment with your friends and family.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 :- NJP to Yuksom 5,670 ft (6 hrs drive) (guest house)
Day 2 :- Yuksom 5,600 ft to Sachen 7,150 ft.
Day 3 :- Sachen 7,150 ft to Tshokha 9,700 ft via Bhakim 8,600 ft.
Day 4 :- Tshokha 9,700 ft to Dzongri 12,980 ft via Phedang 12,000 ft.
Day 5 :- Rest day in Dzongri.
Day 6 :- Dzongri 12,980 ft to Dzongri top 13,675 ft , then to Thansing 12,900 ft via Kokchurang (12,000 ft).
Day 7 :- Thansing 12,900 ft to Lamuney 13,600 ft.
Day 8 :- Lamuney 13,600 ft to Goecha La 16,000 f) via Samiti Lake 14,100 ft, then back to Thansing.
Day 9 :- Thansing to Tshokha via Phedang.
Day 10 :- Tshokha to Yuksom via Bhakim and Sachen.
Day 11 :- Leave Yuksom early morning and reach NJP by 4.00 - 5.00 pm.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: NJP to Yuksom 5,670 ft (6 hrs drive) (guest house)

The adventurous journey of trek will make pleasurable trace when you will reach Sikkim to NJP station in morning. You will move toward the guest house by car and reach within half an hour to your halt. After taking lavish lunch, you can go further for shopping and enjoy your day. Then you will move to your first destination of trek to Yuksom, a small town ridged by Tea gardens .From there you can see the first view of Himalayan Range. Then further after crossing the over bridge at Legship after diving high, you will find land of wild fruits. Trekking in Sikkim is fully relish trek which tender the silence of wildness and capture the beauty which will give you an exciting feeling. You can visit this trek in autumn season for enjoying the luscious moment.

Day 02: Yuksom 5,600 ft to Sachen 7,150 ft.

As walking down you will reach to RathongChu River through opaque mixed jungle with magnolia, ferns and several varieties of brightly colored birds further you can see waterfall which will look very preety and eye catchy. There you will discover the area, with the chance to scramble the small valley near to the composite for wonderful views. Then you will move further to the valley region which is V shaped and dawn aside by the mountain. This is a long trekking day and you will become tired by the instance when you reach your destination at the site. Trekking in North East discover the prettiness of lovely landscape view and enhance the beautiful picturesue.The height above sea level is speedy and soon the trail climbs up very high then you will move to left and will reach the Bakhim Peak which is surrounded by large tiny trees and lovely sight view of garland. Then after refreshment you will move further to Prek River as it will take half an hour to reach. The path again will divert you to dive around an edge to move on other side of the hill. After crossing the dense area of large forest and bridge lane you can view the large and vast view of Kanchenjunga range which crosses the Pandim Mountain which touches the glimpse of high peaks.

Day 03: Sachen 7,150 ft to Tshokha 9,700 ft via Bhakim 8,600 ft.

The next morning you will feel great after taking long hour rest and you will get ready for next trail. The main road toward the north will trail gently to the valley region and you will feel great. Then you will get waterfall and moving further you can see the Prek River flowing aside the mountains, after completing 4 hour journey. Goechala trek will add enthusiasm and you will enjoy your trace and you can view valley which is surrounded by snow, high mountain peaks, birds murmuring, trees, it looks like a heaven. In afternoon enjoy your lunch after that start for trek passing by forest with different types of terraced mountain fields. The trail will cross the steepy forest which will continue to Bakhim peak and it will take 4 hours to reach the destination. Then you can halt in camp and from there you will move turn right and reach the dense forest submerged by long trees wild shrubs and wild animals. After crossing the big pasture lands you will see the region of Tshoka which is situated on high range at 9,800 altitudes high and is touching the sky. They range high surround by snow, tiny green grasses, which will enthrall your trek and you can enjoy the campaign and can view beautiful location of Sikkim.

Day 04: Tshokha 9,700 ft to Dzongri 12,980 ft via Phedang 12,000 ft.

Goechala Trekking region explain the real sense of life as well as all aspects and you can discover the preety attractive look. This route is shorter and you will enjoy the atmosphere which gives pleasant combination to enjoy your journey. After reaching you can enjoy sunrise point and there you can halt in resort for taking nice meal and for rest. Then you will move down to Dzongri peak which is elevated up and touches the 12,980 feet and all asides looks very preety and will beguile your trail. Then you will come closer to fascinating Phedang Mountain situated on high altitude of 12,050 feet which takes 5 to 6 hours and submerge the mountain valley moving from aside of mountains. The highest peak touches the skyscraper of glacier which plunge the inquisitiveness of tedious greenery area surrounded by lovely blossom flowers and brightful pasture land.
Trekking in Himalayas add the glimpse of high mountains touching the sky which are the glory of India. They look very fine-looking and every trekker feel energized to see the view of lovely Himalyas.This is a trail that will go through high plain and covered the snowy areas.

Day 05: Rest day in Dzongri.

Another day is fifth day when you will enjoy the luscious greenery atmosphere and feel the real gratitude of scenic view. Goechala Trek will feel you more excitement and after taking shelter you will get relaxed. The scenic view in night will look very wonderful with stunning view of greenery meadowland and this place is one of the most beautiful areas to attract trekkers. In night you will feel very cold as the air will flowing will give you mesmerizing touch and you will feel the aroma of atmosphere. This track gives a full pleasure to trekkers and they enjoy a lot.

Day 06: Dzongri 12,980 ft to Dzongri top 13,675 ft , then to Thansing 12,900 ft via Kokchurang (12,000 ft).

It is a 5-6 hour mixed walk where you descend from Dzongri to Kockchurang and then climb 1000 feet to Thansing. The trail from Dzongri descends through the Rhododendron shrubs to grass fields. This undulating drop continues for 2 hours. Afterwards you will find Rhododendron forest full with beautiful colored birds. At the end of the descent, Kockchurang will appear from nowhere. The trail follows from Kockchurang to the bridge over Prekchu River. The distance from bridge to Thansing is around 2 km. in the middle of the path the forest turns into a landscape barren and rocky. Thansing is situated at the end of the climb.

Day 07: Thansing 12,900 ft to Lamuney 13,600 ft.

The seventh day you will move for another destination and this trail move from Thansing situated at high altitude above sea level situated at 12900 ft high to Lamuney peak which add grace and charm. This trek is very adventurous and landscape view of Lamuney peak situated at high altitude above 13,600 ft from where you can trail the paddock and pastureland. Trekking in Sikkim makes your trek adore and appealing. It looked very incredible and after that you will walk through a striking view and is surrounded by different types of flowers. After taking rest for an hour you will start your trail again and ascend your way towards Samiti Lake to Lamuney range. This way is very rocky and hefty and you will trail between the meadow region and you can view the deep valley. The trail further stops to overcome the delicate site and view the incarcerate lovely adjacent view.

Day 08: Lamuney 13,600 ft to Goecha La 16,000 f) via Samiti Lake 14,100 ft, then back to Thansing.

After the trail eighth day you will feel very relaxed and you will move further to Goechala peak and it goes downstream and adds Samiti lake view which look very striking, water looks very bluish and you will feel very good, then you mount to the ridge on summit of Samiti lake then pass through the side narrow trail on the hefty routes which add high to climb up the mountains. Then after crossing the Samiti Lake which is situated on high altitude of 14,100 ft a more you have to climb to reach at the sunset point for viewing the Goechala Peak and this moment will make you very special. Then you can wait for an hour and can spend your time there in pleasant atmosphere further you will start for coming back to Thansing peak which is usually cover with snow in every season and it will take two hours for coming back to your destination from high mountain trail. The glorious view of atmosphere usually make trekkers very exciting and can memorize there retreat adventure for whole life. Trekking in Darjeeling which is very adjacent to Sikkim region will make your trekking more adventurous when you go there in groups and can enjoy the gorgeous view of lovely atmosphere.

Day 09: Thansing to Tshokha via Phedang.

This trail is very hefty and ninth day you will feel very relaxed as you are moving to ending of the trek and this trail passes through Thansang valley and this tract was very interesting to trail as the path was very tuff to overcome but this follow will give you more entertainment after finishing the trail very easily. Then you will cross the wild forest and you will come nearer to Tsokha and climb up for moving Phedang peak at high altitude .Then you will move to left for taking diversion and climb to Tshoka peak which is very rising and falling with hefty up and down between the rocks. All the way you will accompany by dense forest and aside you will see the river view which looks very eye-catching. To reach Phedang you will take 5 hours it is the very longest trail to reach as this trek is divided into two composite ways and descending track for reaching Phedang as you have to cross bridge and duration of this trek completes in 7-8 hours.

Day 10: Tshokha to Yuksom via Bhakim and Sachen.

The another trail was not so long to cover as you will return back you will take less time approx 6 hours to reach Yuksom from Tshoka mountain. This will fill more excitement while gazing the green pastureland on your way which will mesmerize your trek, give charisma feeling. Coming down is very easier for any trekker and when you will move down you can see Bakhim region attached to sloppy side of mountains. This route has major altitudes which will trail your path to Sachen base and you will see the picturesque view of pretty ambiance of Yuksom.

Day 11: Leave Yuksom early morning and reach NJP by 4.00 - 5.00 pm.

The adventurous trek has come to an end and you will reach Yuksom form there you will have to pack your luggage and start back to go your destination. It takes around 6 hours to reach NJP by Yuksom region by car in evening by 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. The adventurous trek come to an end and gratifying journey will become memorable for every trekker.

How to Reach

By Train :-
New Jalpaiguri or NJP is a major railway station located in south west of sikkim. There are many long distance trains arrives or pass through the NJP station. You can choose to come to Kolkata and take one of the many trains to NJP. If you are coming from Delhi or north part of India, try to take any north east train which directly goes to NJP by passing Kolkata.

By Flight:-
Flying to Bagdogra is another option that you can choose though flights to Bagdogra tend to be pricier than those to Kolkata. Most of the flight foremost metros in the country come here.

Cost Terms

Inclusions :-
1. Accommodation. (guest house, Camping).
2. Meals while on trek (Veg. & Egg).
3. Trek equipments like Sleeping bag, mattress, tent, kitchen tent, toilet tent.
4. Trekking Permits.
5. First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.
6. Qualified & experienced trek Leader, Guide and Support staff.
7. Transport from NJP to yaksum and return.

Exclusions :-
1. Food during the transit.
2. Insurance.
3. Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
4. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head.

Note :
Normally TTH expect to carry your personal luggage on your own, if you don't want to carry your backpack so you can give it to porter, but you have to inform us in advance and have to pay Rs. 300/- extra per day per bag.

To book a Trek/ adventure program please use our online booking form or, alternatively, you can call us on the given for confirmation of tour you have to wire a deposit and initial deposit.

Paying the Trek/ Adventure activity fee:
The fee can be paid by online transfer/check deposit/ demand draft. Instruction for payment will be forwarded along with your confirmation email. When your transfer is done, please e-mail us a confirmation mail with your transfer details, so that we can follow up your reservation efficiently.

When to book:
It is wise to make your booking at least two months in advance. However, if you want a good deal on your domestic/international flight, we recommend organising your trip at least five months in advance. (Please contact us if you require a late booking)

In the event of cancellation of trek/adventure activity services due to any avoidable / unavoidable reasons we must be notified of the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, and cancellation charges would be as follows: -

Cancellations prior to 24 days from the start of the trek
Book any other trek till one year or get 95% refund
(Note: If the trek charges are more, the balance needs to be paid by the trekker)

Cancellation between 24 days and 14 days to the start of the trek
Choose to go for the same trek, with any other batch, till year or get 70% refund

Cancellation between 14 days and 10 days to the start of the trek
Choose to go on the same trek, in the same season, with any other batch or get 50% refund.

Cancellation less than 10 days to the start of the trek
Transfer your trek (same trek, same batch) to your friend. No cash refund.

1)- Change of trek batch is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
2)- In case of transferring a trek to a friend, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements put forward by TTH.
3)- TTH holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.

Trek Essential


Fitness regime for:

Calculate Your BMI

If your BMI is normal, you can plan your fitness regime as mentioned. If your BMI is not normal, consult your trusted physician before you plan your fitness regime.
If you're suffering from any chronic illnesses consult a medical practitioner.



Risk & Respond

High Altitude Treks: Risk and Response A high altitude trek calls for an adventurous attitude, but embarking on an adventurous trip without calculating the risks is utter stupidity. That’s why we have listed a few risks and the response planned by TTH to minimise or address the risks in the best possible way.

Risk: Altitude Before you start the trek, it is important to understand the implications of high altitude on your body. Be aware of symptoms of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) like mild headache, nausea and general discomfort.

Response: If you feel any of these symptoms, inform the trek leader on priority and follow his instructions. Every campsite has as stretcher, fully equipped first aid kit, oxygen cylinders to address the situation.

Risk: Weather Weather is unpredictable in the Himalayas. Though we are always observant about the changing weather, no one can guarantee a snowfall, rain or Sun. Do understand that your security is of utmost importance to us and we will not proceed any further from the campsite if the weather is not favourable.

Response: The decision of the Trek Leaders and Guides to proceed or wait for the weather to get better will be final.

Risk: Injuries Often, while trekking over difficult terrains, you might have minor injuries like leg sprain, bruises etc. Serious injuries like fractures or major cuts are very rare.

Response: All our Trek Leaders are Certified Wilderness First Aid responders. They are trained to handle emergencies and can tackle minor injuries with a well-equipped first aid kit. In case of serious injuries, the patient is carried on a stretcher to the nearest road-head and is led to nearest medical centre.

Risk: Lack of communication devices In the remote areas of the Himalayas, mobile networks do not reach. On a trek, one is cut off from the world of calls, SMSs or watsapps.

Response: We rely on walkie-talkies and runners to communicate between the campsites and the base camps.

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Fixed Departure

Brief Detail

How we runs the trek ?

Trek lead by mountaineering and wilderness first aid certified trek leader along with cooking staff and supporting staff.

Pick Up and Drop Point-

Our pick up point is NJP railway station at 10.00 in the morning and after the trek we drop at NJP railway station 5:00 in the evening.


April – June day time 15C to 22C and night 7C to -1C Sept – Nov, day time 10C to 15C and night 5C to -5C

Mode of Transport-

Transport from NJP to Yuksom base camp and return by Tata Sumo, Max or equivalent and in each vehicle share by the seven (7) participant.

Batch Size and age group -

In each fix departure batch there will be 18-22 trekkers including Male and female. Minimum age for the Goechala trek is 13 years and maximum depends on fitness level.

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